Published Work


‘Young people have the most to lose from Brexit – so why aren’t more protesting it?’, in The New European, October 2018

‘Various Images of Truth’, a review of Olga Tokarczuk’s Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead, in Review 31, September 2018

‘Brexit will make the arts even more London-centric’, in, September 2018

An interview with Sergio de la Pava, in The Financial Times, 18th August 2018

‘Public schools’, in The TLS, 8th August 2018

‘What to read’, in 1843 Magazine, July/August 2018 (app and print access only)

‘Enough for ceviche’, in The TLS, 27th July 2018

‘Back in the kitchen: why art exhibitions are returning to domestic settings’, in The Economist, July 2018

‘Finland’, in The Mays Anthology XXVI, guest edited by Alexandra Shulman, June 2018. Previous editors include Quentin Blake and Zadie Smith. Copies can be purchased here.

Two poems in Porridge Magazine, July 2018

Poem ‘Solstice’, in Hearing Aid (print only), June 2018

Live performance of several of my poems at LATE @ Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, as part of the Polyphonic Poetry Festival, June 2018

‘Cat People’, in Porridge Magazine, May 2018

‘Tick, tock’, a review of Sergio de la Pava’s Lost Empress, in The Economist, May 2018

Poems ‘Blue’ and ‘Toby’, in The Oxonian Review, May 2018

‘Keeping Time’, in Hearing Aid (print only), April 2018

Poem ‘Toby’, in Notes XLVIII, University of Cambridge Union, February 2018

The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk theatre review, in Tank Magazine, February 2018

Poems ‘The Milkman’ and ‘Autumn’, in The Oxonian Review, January 2018

Cat People’, in The Cambridge Globalist, January 2018

Poem ‘Cecelia’, in Notes XLVII, Cambridge University Union, January 2018





Poem ‘Plum: 1981’, in Notes XLVI, Cambridge University Union, November 2017

Poem ‘Walden’, in Hearing Aid (print only), November 2017

Poem ‘Cacio e Pepe’, in Notes XLIV, Cambridge University Union, October 2017

Poem ‘The Milkman’in Notes XLIII, Cambridge University Union, October 2017

The Prospect of Immortality exhibition review, in Cuckoo Review, April 2017

Heads Up theatre review, in Cuckoo Review, April 2017

We Are Ian theatre review, in Cuckoo Review, March 2017

Prevenge film review and Q&A, in Cuckoo Review, February 2017

Poems ‘The Shaddock’, ‘The Milkman’, and ‘Independencia’, in The Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts ReviewJanuary 2017

Cathy theatre review, in Cuckoo Review, January 2017




Poem, ‘Cecelia’, in Bitter Blush, December 2016

Key Change theatre review, in Cuckoo Review, December 2016

Life, Animated film review, in Cuckoo Review, December 2016

‘Is Pepe the Frog really a hate symbol?’, in Prospect Magazine, November 2016

‘Leonard Cohen: A Singing Poet’, in Clean Conception, November 2016

Persepolis film review, in Cuckoo Review, November 2016

Beatrix Potter exhibition review, in Cuckoo Review, November 2016

Childhoods exhibition review, in Cuckoo Review, November 2016

Two Man Show theatre review, in Clean Conception, October 2016

The Cauliflower by Nicola Barker review, in Cuckoo Review, October 2016

‘The rise of the alt-right’, in Prospect Magazine, August 2016

Seeing a Who exhibition review, in Cuckoo Review, June 2016

Citizen by Claudia Rankine review, in Cuckoo Review, June 2016

Alice in Wonderland exhibition review, in Cuckoo Review, May 2016

Son of Saul film review, in Cuckoo Review, May 2016




Poem ‘Mrs Flood’ and short story ‘Cicatrix’, in Alliterati Magazine Issue 18, December 2015

Marilyn Hacker NCLA talk review, in The University Paper Newcastle, December 2015

Poem ‘Buen Camino’, in the Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts Review, November 2015

Rita Dove NCLA talk review, in The University Paper Newcastle, November 2015

Poem ‘Cecelia’, in the Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts Review, May 2015