Café 1901, Jesmond


MON – SAT 10AM – 6PM | SUN 10AM- 4PM


In a converted old church in Jesmond is the bustling 1901 café, a quirky place decorated with an eclectic mix of furniture, from cinema seats and barber’s chairs to rowing oars and old suitcases. It isn’t a particularly ‘unknown’ joint, but warranted a space on here as within the confines of Jesmond it’s a step up from Starbucks. They serve simple, café style food and a glorious breakfast menu which is sure to cure the worst of hangovers.

I have been twice to 1901, and had two quite difference experiences. The constant throughout both experiences was the amazing berry smoothie, which both times was vibrant and deep in flavour, made entirely with fresh fruit.


Unfortunately, the time that I visited in order to review the place, I may have ordered badly, but I had a limp, smoked salmon sandwich which was quite uninspiring and had a very off ratio of bread to filling. The vegan chocolate tray bake which I had to follow was tasty, but not worth its hefty price tag.



Having said that, I had been beforehand and had a delicious and hearty full English breakfast, and my sister had a generous serving of eggs benedict. Although you order at the counter, service is often slow and not particularly observant. It’s a pretty place which does well for a brunch or lunch if you’re nearby and makes a nice change of scene, but it probably isn’t worth writing home about.



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