Ernest, Ouseburn

1 BOYD STREET | NE2 1AP | MONDAY – SUNDAY 10AM – LATE | 0191 260 5216


 If you’ve spent any time with me in Newcastle in the last two years, you probably don’t need to read any further as I’ve likely already bored you silly with how much I love Ernest. (Please do anyway, there are nice pics.) For those who escaped my chat; read on.



My continued enamour with Ernest might be because it was the first place I discovered in the Ouseburn, and my first experience of the alternative (sorry, hate using that phrase) side to Newcastle. Might be. However, it’s more likely to be because Ernest is just an all-round great egg; good food, good drinks, good people, good nights, good décor. There’s a 12-foot spray-painted Darth Vader on the front wall – it can’t not be.


It’s hip and cool without being try-hard; fun and quirky without being nauseating. It’s effortless; whether you’re going for brunch, having a boozy dinner, dancing until 2am in their back room, or playing a lazy game of Scrabble with a homemade G&T (and a cookie). The standards and atmosphere are always of the highest quality. The menus change regularly, and feature home-made, authentic grub. Particularly recommended are their chorizo hash bowls, and their bloody marys. There is a vegan menu if you ask.



Run by the same team behind Cobalt Studios just down the road, Ernest also hosts beanbag chill-out film screenings, discussions and talks, Mario Kart tournaments, arts ‘n’ crafts events, and has a serious selection of DJs coming to play in the back room until the late hours. I recently had a nice chat with the owners – Mark and Kate – about Ernest and Cobalt, which can be read here.



Go. For a meal, a pint, or a wiggle — it’s great for all.

Like their page on Facebook to keep up to date with events and their nightlife, held by the likes of Backdrop and Reasons To Be Cheerful.

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