1 MARKET ST | NE1 6JE | MON – THURS 11:30AM – 5PM | FRI – SAT 11:30AM – 7PM | 0191 340 0320


If you’re a vegetarian, I really wouldn’t recommend reading any further. Kracklin, a new lunch and dinner joint down in town, is strictly for meat lovers. They serve a variety of freshly roasted meat in sandwiches or salad boxes, with a host of carby sides like truffle oil chips and bacon mac’n’cheese. If you aren’t stuffed after all of that, there are ice cream sandwiches and brownies to top off the experience.


Kracklin isn’t, however, a greasy spoons with flabby meat and soggy chips. All the cuts are high quality and aren’t just served with a squitch of ketchup, but rather real compliments like salsa verde or honey soy, as well as a wide range of salads and veg. The interior is industrially rustic but also light and airy, and definitely seems to have been subject to an impressive creative touch.


The melt-in-your-mouth goodness of the meat they serve is topped off with their famous crackling, which is the crispiest, yet juiciest, crackling that totally deserves to be their namesake. (Apologies for using an internet pic, but the ones we took really didn’t do the sandwich justice and a picture speaks a thousand words you know…)


Polly got one of their traditional sandwiches, which stuffs shedloads of their slow-roast pork into a toasted ciabatta with salsa verde, herbs, spices, and of course the trademark crackling.


Grace and I got salad boxes, which give you three different types of meat (that can also be had individually in other sandwiches) over a layer of salad, and are enough to feed an absolute army.


The three types we tried were: salt roast beef with mustard and gherkins; honey soy chicken with pickled mooli, siracha aioli, coriander and chilli; and the original pork with salsa verde and crackling. Although the pork is their trademark, both the chicken and the beef were done to just as high a standard. Particularly the chicken, which was sweet and salty in just the right proportions and so unbelievably tender.

It was all absolutely delicious, and made more so by the fact that even after such a huge meat feast we didn’t feel like greasy pigs – the ingredients used and style of their slow roasts all somehow leave you feeling vaguely healthy, as they are made with genuine ingredients which let their own quality do the talking.

It’s a 10/10 from me.


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