McCrouzer Café


2220209C-83B8-4D52-A874-F6CCDF98A84E For those reading this as students at Newcastle, the next time you’re in the library and needing lunch, instead of heading into town and spending a fiver on a rubbish meal deal that leaves you feeling sad and lonely, walk 12 mins (tried and verified) to The McCrouzer Café. That’s only 3 mins further than M&S! And for that you can get sandwiches, salads, and soups for unbelievably low prices, alongside real-meal dishes like butternut squash and pearl barley risotto or a slow-cooked beef stifado with warm pitta and homemade hummous for £4 (?!?!). All of this stuff can be taken away, too. It’s a no-brainer, really.



The café is light and airy, with a little snug in the corner for visits that aren’t curtailed by a return to the library. Within their happy green walls, they also have a tantalising selection of sweet treats, and offer a seriously generous brunch menu, complete with a huge full English.




We went and had two toasties for a couple of quid that were both cheesy chutney wonders for a hangover. The others got poached eggs with the most ginormous pile of smoked salmon, served on toasted crumpets – for £3! The £4 Rouzer – a sausage and bacon toastie served with a poached egg on top and baked beans, was an order I really regret not making.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 18.30.13

On their lunch menu, the above is something that also calls for a second visit.


Everything they make is locally and ethically sourced when it can be, and the prices are low low low low. It almost feels like daylight robbery. The place is clearly run by good people who refuse to mug off their customers, and serve up honest, well-priced grub to everyone who walks in the door.

I’ll let pics speak for themselves, but I urge a visit for breakfast, lunch, or brunch. Or settle down for the day and work there when you need a change of scene from the library, you won’t regret it.


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