Pink Lane Coffee and Pink Lane Bakery


DSC08887 5221247_0205fa6d


Two baking institutions down in town have always been a feature of any train journey I’ve taken to or from Newcastle since I chanced upon them as a fresher walking from Leazes to the station. Arguably some of the best baked goods in Newcastle. Pink Lane Coffee is just in front of the station, down the cobbled Pink Lane, and its sister bakery which supplies its sweet fares is just further up the lane (what used to be called Sugar Down Bakery).


Pink Lane Coffee is an indie coffee-shop offering meals and light bites, as well as brunch, alongside the sugar fixes you’d expect. They source and roast all their coffee in accordance with the seasons, providing an eclectic mix which changes every few months. All their goods are freshly baked, including the bread, up the lane at Pink Lane Bakery.



The bakery is a stand-alone bakery – there’s no seating but can you buy their breads, sandwiches or goodies that are stocked up in the windows of the bakery. The smell when you walk in is enough to make you want to buy up the whole shop – if you’re down for a train around a mealtime, rather than got to M&S in the station and spend a lot of money you’ll regret, pop into Pink Lane Bakery for their fresh sausage rolls or pizza breads at half the price. The millionaire shortbread, crack pie and pastries are especially recommended. Everything is baked fresh on site the day you buy, and they also supply a few restaurants in town and the Sugar Down Café. With their recent décor change the outside is now painted a bright fuchsia, so you have no excuse to miss it. If you’re on the move, head to the bakery, or if you’ve got the time sit down with a cuppa at the coffee shop.


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