The Settle Down Café

61-62 THORNTON ST | NE1 4AW | MON – FRI 8AM – 6PM | SAT  9AM – 6PM


The Settle Down Café is lucky enough to sit on one of the pedestrianised streets between the station and the old walls of Newcastle, meaning it basked in glorious sunshine last weekend when I went there for lunch.



Inside, a simple, clean and colourful interior is a cosy substitute for when the sun isn’t out in force and sitting outside isn’t on the cards.

Their food is seriously good value and comes in really generous portions; it’s also all homemade and feels like it’s good for you even when it’s a slice of their tasty pizza.


They do sarnies, soups, pizzas, salads and an extensive brunch menu including eggs and bacon all for £2-5. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of falafel ever, I got totally converted by their unbelievable falafel, rocket and salsa sandwich which comes with a huge side serving for £3.50. For the same price, they have staples such as marmite and cheese, tuna melt, pastrami and gherkin, and chorizo, caramelised onion and goats cheese.


If you’re after something lighter, there are ginormous portions of mixed salads for £3, that are a daily rotating mix of homemade citrus slaw, chickpea curry, quinoa, pastas, grilled veg and fresh salsa tomatoes. Their tasty sweet treats are supplied by their very own hands at The Pink Lane Bakery, which operates as a take-out shop just around the corner on Pink Lane.


Lunch for a couple of quid, and an alternative venue in the evening for an array of events such as writer inspos and general discussions – what more do you want?



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