The Tyne Bank Brewery, Byker / Quayside


Although mainly a brewery and shop day to day, the Tyne Bank Brewery is frequently open for parties, gig, day events and festivals in its large main hall, similar to the way Wylam Brewery’s events often work. Based on the banks of the Tyne, down towards Byker, the Tyne Bank Brewery has been at the forefront of the North East Beer scene since it was founded in 2011.


They have a core range of five ales which are permanently available, and a changing menu of other experimental varieties, such as White Chocolate Stout, which change with each event put on. The alcohol percentage can get pretty high. You can also buy huge polypins of their beer, liked bagged wine, for those students who want keg fresh beer at a low price and vast quantities.

Last summer a group of friends and I went to one of their day festivals, where they host street food stalls and live bands alongside their best drinks. It was good fun, the inside of the hall is industrial and trendy, with a large stage for the live band and dripping burgers to offset the many pints. They aren’t too expensive either, which is a plus. For a more interesting day-drinking session on a weekend, in hip surroundings, check out its website to keep up to date with the latest events on and when you can next visit – it is generally at least once a week. It’s also a lovely walk down through town, and the river is just next door for a wonky meander homewards.



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