Insomnia and two haikus

I’ve no idea why or how my thoughts ended up at haikus when I couldn’t sleep, but they did. I got up and wrote the below haiku, in an attempt to describe what I find the strangest thing about sleeping / not sleeping.

Falling asleep is like pressing a magical time machine button — you press it and then hey, it’s suddenly morning. So when you can’t sleep, but want to, it’s like you’re just lying there constantly hitting this button, but the time machine is broken and nothing is happening. So those hours you normally would be totally unaware of passing, are now made up of hundreds of minutes and you’re aware of each one. It’s such a strange change in your plans for that period of time, as if your high-speed train into the morning has been cancelled and instead you’ll have to take a rail replacement bus service. And yeah, you could read a book on the bus, or do some sort of useful admin, but more often than not it doesn’t make the bus go any faster. It’s that feeling of being completely reliant on time and just waiting for it to do its thing, and the acknowledgement of that, which I tried to convey below. One is the original scrawl from 5:30am, the other is the edited version I wrote the next day. I won’t label them.


Tonight, sleep will not

Carry me to the morning.

I lie in time’s hands.


Tonight, sleep will not

Displace me into morning.

Time’s hands tick by me.

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