Buen Camino – a poem

This poem was published in November 2015 in The Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts Review here.


Buen Camino


To lie, to flop, to fling

Down on a bag.

Green, green,

Rich warmth – what warmth! –

In the word, green.


I wandered, not lonely as a cloud,

But full!

Full of sun and pulpo,

Empanadas and air.

Boiling over, a bubbling brook.

O Cebreiro, Sarria, Palas de Rei.


I escaped the world,

With just two friends,

And flew –

To music, words, the rise and fall of hills;

Fat friars lying flat, grassy chests and muddy knees.


Just green and brown and blue.

Golden cowbells which really ring,

Sheepdogs, used for herding sheep,

Milestones for a map.

Yellow shells into yellow arrows –

“Buen camino”, passed along the way.

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