Blue – a poem

This poem was published, along with ‘Toby‘, in May 2018 in The Oxonian Review here




I found the jewel that you lost, the one

that was blue. In grit and bits of bark

wed rotten in the sea, I felt with my toe

sharp sapphire sides. I saw it swimming


in the purple blood of a blueberry’s sac

then playing hide and seek on the spires

of Uspenski. It lay dry and cracked, sun

burnt on the side of flat pinewood planks


nailed through its nerves. It knelt in the woods

tickling bees with its tongue; I sensed it linger

on my fingers, bruising blooms on my lips

in port stain drips. I last saw it in my pen


so this is for you; the one that was blue,

the jewel that you lost when summer did too.


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